Lady Lavender's Fantasy Filksongs

I have reogranized my site. A list of my fantasy songs (including some new ones) can now be found in the Subject Index.

The songs that used to be included on this page, now each have a page of their own:

  • Bazaar at Quar  The merchants call their wares in a fantastic middle-eastern baazar.
  • Dark Eyes*  A virgin's father asks her to do an unacceptable task.
  • Dragon's Lullaby  Written for the "Lost Song" story.
  • Garden Troll  An unwelcome vistor arrives at my house.
  • Never Wed A Wizard  Advice for debutants entering a regency/ fantasy London season.
  • The Nightingale   A duet for voice and flute. The Emperor's lady faces an agonizing choice. Based on Kara Dalkey's The Nightingale
  • Pentych  If you cannot remember your own past, how can you know what horrors you have done?
  • Warrior Maid  Whose sacrifice is greater, the maid's or the crone's?