Bailey Elementary
Hands on Science Night
March 11th, 2004

Images shot on Thur. March 11th, 2004.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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A cold Tim Sinks shows Sunspots

Checking out NASA handouts

Piloting Mars Rover

Checking out 8" a newtonian

Jim shows Earth/Moon/Mars weight bottles, Lunar base video in background

Piloting Rover

ISS orbit plot STS+ display

Jim explains how the Earth and Moon go around the Sun

Mike explains the universe via Night Sky AV

Explaining the Sun/Earth/Moon sys

Sun/Earth/Moon sys

Sun/Earth/Moon sys

Rover Drivers

Rover Drivers

Rover Drivers

Tim shows an astronomy item on a laptop

MAS Telescopes

too cold to observe

other displays

Electro Chemistry

Woodbury PD

Wise old owl

learning about rocks

more rocks

Power line safety

Checking teeth

various animal pelts

Various bugs and stuff

water bugs


more pelts

Tim with Orrey

MN Space Frontier and MN Astronomical Society once again returned to Bailey Elementary's Hand's On Science Family Night.

Joining with dozens of other groups and businesses they put on displays visited by hundreds of kids and parents and teachers showing a bit of the fun of Science in the work place and home hobbies. Each group put up a display table that was staffed by its members.

MAS offered sun spot viewing till sundown, a Orrey of the solar system, various telescopes to examine and some MAS and MN Planetarium info handouts.

MN SFS offered a chance to pilot a computer controlled rover and check out the weight of a bottle of water on Earth, the Moon and Mars. They also showed a large screen video of proposed Moon and Mars exploration. Visitors also got to take home their own astronaut photos, including ISS Crew 8 and a litho of Space station in its current configuration, and make their own paper cutout shuttles.

My thanks to Jim Cran, Mike Kibat and Tim Sinks who helped staff the MAS/MN SFS displays, NASA Glenn for supplying some of the photos and handouts and Susan Nord Bohlke "Hands on Science" Parent Coordinator for inviting us again.

Ben Huset
MAS Outreach Chair
MN SFS Board

Photos by Ben Huset

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