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MDRS Crew #51

Crew 51
Shakedown Crew
(November 11-26, 2006)

Commander: Paul Graham,
Chief Engineer, Mars Society Engineering Team,
MDRS Veteran

Executive Officer: CreShenda Tia Sands,
Aerospace Science Engineering Undergraduate
at Tuskegee University, Alabama
(Spaceward Bound Student)

Flight Engineer: Ben Huset,
Mars Society Engineering Team,
MDRS Veteran

Environmental Engineer: Eryn Andrews,
Environmental Engineering Undergraduate at
University of Nevada-Reno
(Spaceward Bound Student)

Crew Biologist/Geologist: Kristen Paris,
B.S. Biology, B.S. Geology, SUNY-Buffalo,
M.S. student in geological sciences
at Arizona State University
(Spaceward Bound Student)

Crew Geologist: Tyler Barton,
B.Sc Earth and Planetary Sciences,
McGill University,
Montreal, Canada
(Spaceward Bound Student)

Crew 51 pages:
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Photos by Ben Huset

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