CHARTER: is for discussion of filk (the musical genre which originated in the science fiction/ fantasy and related fan communities, often characterized by elements of the fantastic, science, humor, parody, futurism, and related interests.), items related to filk, and posting filksongs and poetry. Posts must not include outright profanity or bawdy ballads (there is an existing mailing list for the latter).

ALL MATERIAL POSTED must be things the poster has the right to publish thanks to personal authorship, express permission of the author or copyright holder, public domain status, "anonymous" authorship [do check first] or the like. When in doubt, don't post it. Be sure to give copyright data, if any.

Information on upcoming conventions with any filk involvement are allowed,as are announcements of new filk projects and album releases, or other filk-related items. Take active sales elsewhere, such as to private e-mail. No other advertising is allowed. Filk dealers' names and addresses can be found in the FAQ; those wishing to be added should contact the keeper of the FAQ.

The group will be unmoderated.

The group will be gated to the FIDOnet FILK echo, and in digest form to the filk digest mailing list. Permission has been received from the relevant FIDOnet authority. (FIDOnet is the largest of the amateur computer hobbyist BBS networks. An echo is the FIDO equivalent of a newsgroup.)

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